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Oil Paintings for you to view

There is so much pleasure in placing strokes of paint on a canvas and translating what is actual into what you see in your mind's eye;  such as taking a scene that you have photographed and giving it the warmth of a summer day or the coolness of winter.  I I endeavor to bring colors that are authentic to my art, and to enhance them to better tell their story.  Thus, I describe in my paintings what interests me while I sincerely hope that it will also be of interest to others.

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Rhiannon's Spring Garden

Pelican On The Beach 36 by 24

Susan's Garden

Banner Elk In Winter 36 x 24  

Banner Elk In Summer  28 x 22

Beach Shoreline    24x20



Spanish Garden  18x24

English Garden 26x24

French Market Place  30 x40 (NFS)

Broken Colors      16" wide x 20" height


Click on pictures to see full size